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About us & program

Dare to make a new start!

Who we are:
Bündnis für Aufklärung und Emanzipation! (BAE!) (Alliance for Enlightenment and Emancipation!)

The "Alliance for Enlightenment and Emancipation! (BAE!)" is a cooperation of the following student groups: "Liste LINKS", "harte zeiten - junge sozialisten" and "SDS*" as well as many other active individuals. The use of equality, freedom and solidarity as a motor for critical reason, socially meshing cooperation and cheerful engagement is our common ambition. We firmly oppose the neoliberal and conservative policy of destroying social achievements and the spiritual-cultural heritage of humanism: peace, meaningful work, social security, cultural qualification, participation and development, education for all, productive cooperation and democratic participation are matters of humanity that concern everyone. They can be achieved together.

This is what we work to achieve in the Academic Senate (AS) at the University of Hamburg.

our program

"Together, let’s make peace among ourselves and with nature, tackle the climate crisis, stop the spread of COVID-19, and make 2021 a year of healing."
UN Secretary General António Guterres in his 2021 New Year’s Address

These few words by António Guterres also highlight the core of the current challenges education and science are being faced with. There is a need to learn from the current crisis in all areas of society.
It is our common task as well as opportunity, to use scientific knowledge and understanding to the benefit of the majority of those around the world, for:

open access to education and culture of all kinds,
access to good medical care and preventive medicine for all people,
employment which includes secure contracts and wages (which were ideally determined WITH the workers in a sensible and democratic fashion!),
free and sustainable mobility
reasonable rent in good housing and
democratic participation for all.
This can only be achieved through solidarity and cooperation based on education and science.
This also means: a reduction of social inequality, making communal life on this planet more peaceful and enjoyable, and developing socio-ecologically meaningful perspectives of the economy to overcome this unbearable crisis.
Informed commitment to this content and in this direction also works to ensure that international solidarity gains practical significance, and in that, pushes right-wing forces to the edge of significance.
Because students as well as many others are continuously committed to this ideal, the University of Hamburg has set itself the goal of contributing to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations in research, teaching and study. In order for this to become relevant(er) in everyday university life, consistent advocacy for change at the university and in city politics is necessary. What is needed is:

contentious discourse about the - interdisciplinary - social responsibility of the sciences,
broad reform of curriculum and studies (reduction of restrictions and examination pressure, deepening of content, smaller learning groups and cooperative forms of learning, master’s degree as a standard degree),
Needs-based state funding for higher education (against the new plans for cuts by the state government!),
social security for students (BAföG for all - especially now!)
active participation and co-determination in the student body and in the academic self-administration,
an increased self-awareness of the political-cultural relevance of the sciences.

With all due care: this is precisely the reason that lively - scientific, social and cultural - encounters between all university members are indispensable!

This is what we stand for; for this awakening. We invite everyone to participate in it!